Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer is HERE!!

It's finally here. Summer time!! Ok not really that excited for it as that means my power bill is going to sky rocket from running our ancient a/c unit in the rental house we live in.  Plus my husband's schedule goes all crazy from school being out.  Why was I excited about summer?  Going to have to think about that one.

Oh yes! The teenagers that have invaded my home with snarky attitudes and bitchy hormones are going to summer camp.  YAY!! One whole week where their hormone roller coasters are someone else's problems.
Magnus is going to be sad when his Morgan leaves for a week, but will quickly figure out there is one less person telling him no around the house.  We jokingly refer to Morgan as Magnus' monkey handler. He picked her as his favorite person.  He calls her My Morgan.  He calls his oldest sister, Lauryn, Mean Morgan. No love lost there. One more good thing about a large family you don't have to like all your siblings. You have other options.

I am not looking forward to the triple digit heat that we have already gotten a few bitter tastes of already.  I am one of those people that prefer to be barefoot. Barefoot in a Vegas summer does not work. I end up scorching my feet a few times every year before I learn my lesson and wear shoes even while on my back patio.

Our poor chickens are not going to love the heat. Our egg production always suffers that first day of triple digit temperatures.  This year it was such a drastic change that we got not one single egg on that scorching day.  Our spoiled girls have access to a small swimming pool and tons of frozen treats.  I would love to add a mister but Las Vegas is in a drought.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bicycle Accident

Yesterday on the way to work my husband was in a bike accident.  I actually found out on Facebook that it had happened. He said,"He didn't want to worry me."
::eye twitch::

In the very early morning of Tuesday 6/16/15, Dan was riding his bicycle to work.  He was doing everything he could to be safe. From taking a longer route to make use of our city's very limited bike lanes to always wearing his helmet and extra lights.  It didn't stop the accident.  Barely 10 oz of dog managed to ruin his summer.  As he is pedaling along in his designated lane this little dog darts around a parked car right in front of his bike. Dan swerves to narrowly miss the barking nuisance, only to end up airborne off his bike.  As soon as he was on the ground the dog slipped right back through the gate. The owners did not have their gate secured enough to prevent it from slipping out. The dog treated that gate like a dog door not a restraint.

Knowing he didn't want to be late he shrugged off the pains and finish his 4 mile ride to work. (just like a guy.. rub some dirt on it and move on)  He didn't realize just how badly he was hurt.  Being the only dependable provider of a paycheck in our family he tried to tough it out through his work day.  It was close to 3 hours later before a co-worker convinced him that his wrist looked really bad and that the pain and swelling were too much. His kind co-workers drove him and his bike home.

At the doctor's after much pulling of sore shoulder and poking of swollen wrist we learned he was really hurt.  There was soft tissue damage to his left shoulder from his shoulder popping out of socket and crashing back into place.  Plus he had a fracture to his right wrist.  He broke the long bone in his arm within and inch of the end.  It's called a Radius Distal fracture. We still do not know the extent of the break as the X-Rays are on a disc sealed in an envelope and I am honestly terrified to look. Dan and I will find out more tomorrow at the Orthopedic specialist.  Google has done enough damage/education on the many different types of breaks that this could be.  Plus all the varying things that could be needed for treatment.
Splinted while swelling goes down before Orthopedic Specialist appointment

We had mistakenly believed that were were covered by AFLAC in this situation.  Sadly they will give us a one time pay out for the injury but not for all the time he will be out of work recovering.  He may need to be out of work for 8 weeks or more.  Even with his sick leave and vacation time that will still not be enough.
He needs my help for most everything.  He can't even dress himself in elastic waist shorts or pajama pants without help.
I have created a GoFundMe Fundraiser in hopes of getting help for our family.  Please share it even if you don't donate. If you would like to help but are not comfortable just donating, please visit my Scentsy Independent Consultant website and make a purchase. A portion of your purchase will be paid to us in commission the next month.

Thank you for any help you give our family at this time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

35 and Fat

I never wanted to be where I am right now.  35 and Fat.  My weight has been a roller coaster my whole adult life. I was only being able to get the weight off some of the time with my 5 pregnancies.  Those extra pounds added up.  I am now sitting unhappily at an unhealthy 204 pounds.

I let my asthma become an excuse not workout.  My weight climbed 40 lbs when I was just 15 pounds short of my goal weight not even 2 years ago.  I allowed myself to wallow in enormous portion sizes and inactivity.

With my asthma under better control it's time to take my body back.  I want to be a better example for my kids.  Healthy Mom = Healthy Family.

There are changes that have worked for me in the past that I am going to use again.  Drink more water.  I feel better when I am better hydrated.  Eat smaller portions.  I trick myself into this by putting away half my meal into a storage container for tomorrow's lunch before ever taking a bite.  I eat until I am no longer hungry rather than eating until I am full.  After years of over eating my full alarm is broken.  I love food so giving up foods is not a way to succeed for me.  When I get too restrictive I fall off the bandwagon face first into a buffet of overeating.  Smaller portions and not eating 3 hours before bedtime worked well in the past.

With the help of Team Beach Body on Demand I am hoping to make these permanent changes.  I am never bored with one single repetitive workout due to having access to so many streaming workouts.  I have also been stacking smaller workouts into my day.  7 minutes here a 10 minute workout there. Plus I have the accountability of measuring myself and tracking my changes.  I am not a trainer nor do I make any money from Beach Body.  I was not provided anything to write this. I have just found a workout system I like and wanted to share.

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