Sunday, January 31, 2016

Out of control Asthma

I really need to go to the doctors for myself.  My asthma is not under control at all. It's hard to take time for me with so much going on in my life though.  As a mom to 5 kids I don't take good enough care of myself. 
We have had two bouts of croup in 2 months. Plus stitches in one chin. Then all three youngest have been sick with puking. Since going back to church regularly my kids have been sick a lot. I wish people would keep their outbreak monkeys at home. On top of medical emergencies we are moving soon. 

I need to find new options for my asthma treatment. I tried using Advair for my asthma but the side effects were bad.  It's not fun to have random bleeding as if menstruating every week. I need to see my doctor and find out other options to get my asthma under control. I'm back to using my breathing treatments multiple times a day. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Happy New Year!

I hope this year is one of big positive changes for my family and yours as well.

As with every year, as family we are going to make resolutions for the year.

The 4 topics I encourage my family to make one resolutions each in are:

We will write our resolutions down on a big sheet of paper. Make sure to include smaller steps to help make the achievable. Then this will be hung where we can see it every day.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kinda like a Mislabeled VHS

One night my husband and I were browsing through our recorded shows on DVR for something to watch.  We had recorded what we thought was an Ultimate Fighting Championship on FX.  As we attempt to cue it up to the fights we slowly discover that it wasn't what it was labeled on the channel guide.  Instead of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters competing in UFC we were watching oil drillers being shot into space to battle a meteor in the movie Armageddon.  I was disappointed.

My husband turned to me with a grin and said "It's kinda like finding a mislabeled VHS from our childhood." It made me giggle.  Then I thought how my younger children may never know what a VHS is because I prefer digital content to hard copies now.  After the kids broke our last VHS player by cramming it full of DVDs it was the end of VHS in this house.  In fact they watch Netflix and Amazon Instant video more than DVDs. For the sake of keeping our DVDs in a playable condition the kids have to ask for a DVD to play as they are all put up away from them.

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