Friday, March 4, 2016

New Treatment for my Asthma

Warning!! This post has TMI  You were warned.
Recently I went back to the doctors for a new medicine to help manage my asthma. I loved how Advair helped kick my attacks out of my life.  The problem was the random bleeding.

There were times that in the middle of my cycle with no reason to bleed I would have horrible bleeding during sex.  Talk about a mood ruining freak out moment.  Kinda kills your sex life when you fear bleeding horrifically in the middle of it.

I ended up telling my doctor this during what is called a group visit.  You and 10 other people sit in a room and the doctor rolls around doing simple stuff. Things like referrals, Doctor notes, medications.  It's was great not having to put the horrible paper gown on. I felt like I got more care during this appointment than one where they have made me strip down and sit in a room alone.

Back to my new medicine.  I am now on Singulair and Qvar. Oh boy!  The Singulair leaves me sluggish and loopy for a few hours. It usually takes me about 6 hours to feel human again. I can deal with that side effect and adjust my time I take it. My asthma is improving!! My first night in months not waking up in the middle of the night with an asthma attack was the very first night I took it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fire Kid's Edition Review

I was not paid for this review or reimbursed/rewarded in any way. I am just sharing my opinion about a product I have purchased.

I bought a Kindle Fire Kid's edition for, Nadia, my 9 year old daughter.  This was purchased to replace the Nabi that was broken and unable to be replaced due to the fact that the serial number sticker wore off. My absolute favorite thing about this Fire is that there is a 2 year no questions asked replacement policy.  That means I wouldn't have had to explain any insane way my child may break it. Like the time one of them peed on a tablet... don't ask. Chalk that one up to the dangers of potty training.

I love how easy it was to set up controls to make my child read before being allowed to play. Not that she needs to be forced to read, but some days she needs the nudge to get her reading time done before playing. The parental controls can limit screen time hours as well. As a parent you can also set bed and wake times, leaving the tablet unusable after hours. You can set two different limit settings for weekdays and weekends.

I will be signing up for the Amazon Free Time Unlimited access to continue after our one year of free Amazon Free Time service is up. The access to kids books and videos, just kid's content, is worth the small cost to me. (Less than I pay for Netflix)

At only $99 (when I purchased) this tablet was much cheaper than an Ipad. It has much better kid mode function than the Ipad as well.  Now I can have my Ipad back, just as soon as I get the other two Fire Kid's Editions for my youngest children as well.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Out of control Asthma

I really need to go to the doctors for myself.  My asthma is not under control at all. It's hard to take time for me with so much going on in my life though.  As a mom to 5 kids I don't take good enough care of myself. 
We have had two bouts of croup in 2 months. Plus stitches in one chin. Then all three youngest have been sick with puking. Since going back to church regularly my kids have been sick a lot. I wish people would keep their outbreak monkeys at home. On top of medical emergencies we are moving soon. 

I need to find new options for my asthma treatment. I tried using Advair for my asthma but the side effects were bad.  It's not fun to have random bleeding as if menstruating every week. I need to see my doctor and find out other options to get my asthma under control. I'm back to using my breathing treatments multiple times a day. 

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