Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

I was not paid or provided any rewards for this review of the Hoover Floormate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum.   My family had killed another floor steamer.  With over half of my house being tile it was an enormous task to clean.  When you add all the pet/kid mess I clean as well it is overwhelming at times.  Bird food and bunny food scattered around cages.  Jello hidden behind the couch because my 2 year old doesn't like the texture.   I was spending too much time cleaning the floor.

With my Floormate SpinScrub I do a quick sweep of all larger object. Why sweep first? Because there was a chicken nugget under the train table.. among other WTF findings after my children picked up.  Then I switch my SpinScrub to Vacuum and finish picking up any dirt or debris.
I almost cried the first time I actually washed the floors with it. It was cleaning my gross grout! I was to the point I wanted our floors professionally steamed.   I've even pulled up gum and other mysterious spots that were here when we moved in.
Once I was done washing the floors I switch it to dry and my floors are dry before I can wrap up the cord.  Which for me means no children's footprints across a newly cleaned damp floor. It's dry before they can even plot to run on it.
Cleaning the machine is easy too!  Everything comes apart for easy washing.  The Spinbrushes underneath pop off for easy rinsing as well as the front hood.  I clean my machine after every use. Dumping the dirty water out without spilling is so easy my kids sometime help me.

My Hoover Floormate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum has become my favorite household appliance. That is really saying something because I finally have an Artisan Kitchen Aid Mixer as well as a Delonghi Food Processor/Blender both that I have wanted for years.  This amazing product has taken a chore that would normally take a few hours down to a 20-30 minute task to clean the same areas.

I bought my machine off Amazon because with our Amazon Prime membership we got as great discount as well as having it shipped to our house. Hoover Floormate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Easter Egger Chickens and Eggs!

They have only been here a short time but we already love our Easter Egger chickens.

Wary of us on their first day

It took them a day or two to get used to us.
These chickens have surprised me with their intellegence and curiousity.
Checking what I dropped for them.

These bearded ladies have individual personalities.  
Their feather patterns are gorgeous.  We say they look like they are wearing chainmail. 
Two of our Chainmail Chickens!
Smallest yet bravest chicken
Bossiest chicken
The colorful eggs they have provided for us have been a fun rediscovery every day. Sure our 4 hens will never provide enough eggs for our family of 7 on a daily basis.  They are a good start though.  Plus they are a better pet than aother dog.  Atleast the chickens will provide us with a meal once a week.
3 Shades of Green Eggs from our chickens.
Eggs in their storage container.
We are saving up the eggs to make Eggs in a Basket for breakfast for everyone.  Should only take 3 days for our very young chickens to lay enough eggs. Some of our earlier eggs went into making cookies. 

This is how I take pictures of my eggs. In natural light outside on top of artist white paper.  I love how on the white paper shows the best variations of the coloring.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy Family with Big News!

As if my nutty life wasn't crazy enough we are adding some new additions to the family soon.  With 5 boisterous children, 2 energetic dogs, 2 curious bunnies, a noisy African Grey Parrot and a couple of startlingly large feeder goldfish you would think our urban family was complete.  You would be wrong.

We have Big News! Big Feathered News!
We are getting Chickens!

This is another step in my family having a more sustainable kitchen.  After many months of research it was an easy decision to make.   The bunnies have been a huge help in cutting down our waste by eating kitchen vegetable scraps.  This will be a huge improvement as the chickens can break down the bunny waste faster than nature can as well as kitchen scraps.

We will be starting with a small backyard flock for now containing only 4 lovely ladies.  Sorry, no roosters allowed in city limits.  I had hoped to go down to our local feed store and pick out some local chickens, but did not like the look of the chickens. (balding from plucking and or fights)  Instead we ordered our started pullets from a very old and reputable Hatchery. The Murray McMurray Hatchery with almost 100 years in business was an easy choice to make with it's years of glowing reviews.

We ended up picking 18-22 week old pullets to start with, as the frail chicks frighten me. (not going to have the kid's first experience raising chickens end in an early death.)  We also have 5 kids very anxious to find their first eggs.  The breed we ended up choosing was the Easter Egger. It is not a recognized show breed, but perfect for our family's needs as an egg production bird not meat.  This breed of bird has a huge variation in feather color/pattern as well as egg color, so it's like the surprise chicken. Who knows what color the chicken will be when it gets here?  Then once the chicken are here, what color egg will they lay? Easter Eggers can lay varying tints of blue, green and even pink eggs.

Sadly since we live in Las Vegas we are forced to keep them in a coop/run at all times, but my husband has plans for a small track-like enclosed run to go around the outer edge of our yard.  It will give them more area to explore while staying protected from our surprisingly many predators in the city.  To think I was excited to see that Hawk chasing the pigeons through the skies of our neighborhood last year.  There are many other improvements we would like to make to the coop/run in the future, but it will work for our chickens for now.
This is the type of coop we ordered from Amazon.  Pawhut Deluxe Backyard Chicken Coop

We have the coop/run built and weatherproofed.  My husband is finishing up the water system.  The chickens are set to arrive later this week. Excitement is very high in our house.
I'm starting their sprouted seeds today in mason jars so they will be grown enough to be a tasty treat for the chickens.  (We purchased Wheat berries from Bountiful Basket food co-op to sprout for the chickens as well as try to make some baked goods.)

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